5 Music Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

Music is the only thing that brings people together in any part of the world. Music now a days is more happening because of events like sunburn or tomorrowland. Good music always needs good software that can keep up to the quality of music. So let us have a look at 5 best Android Music player that you must get if you are a music lover.

Poweramp Music Player


Poweramp is certainly the best music player for android users. It features a unique and easy to understand design which looks great in every way and it supports a wide range of music codes that are not played by any other player. The best thing about the Poweramp Music Player is that it offers a unique equalizer which makes the music even more appealing. It is available for free but after two weeks, you will be forced to pay a nominal fee for the full access.

Musixmatch Music and Lyrics


This application could be the best thing to happen to music as it has the largest collection of lyrics in its database which doesn’t sound so appealing but when you play the music, the lyrics starts to scroll in a karaoke style. You can even play the song in any other music player and still, the music player application can show you the lyrics. The latest update of the music player application also features song recognition which works just like Shazam. It even has a chromecast support which means you can play songs and watch lyrics on the big screen just by a tap on your device.

MixZing Music Player


The MixZing music player is one of the most feature rich music players in our list. It can manage the normal playlist easily and it also offers free streaming of radio channels and even supports videos.

Shuttle Music Player


Shuttle Music Player is all about the looks and ease of use because of its amazing user friendly User Interface. If you are a fan of Google’s Material Design, then this application is the dead stop for you. It supports most of the music formats and to unlock the full features, you will have to pay a nominal fee of $1.75. The user interface is not only restricted to the application but also the widgets. You can customize the widgets according to your own will and likeness.

Google Play Music


Last but not the least is the Google Play Music application which allows you to play your favorite songs on your device or your cloud storage. Yes, that is why the Google Play Music app made into this list. No other app can perform the task of streaming music from cloud storage like Google Music does.


ShowBox For Android


Everyone loves movies and other T.V. shows that has grabbed the attention of every single teenage boy and even the grownups. There are numerous ways to download a T.V. show or a movie but we all know that it is a bit old fashioned way and also the print of the latest movies are not up to the mark. Well, that was past because now, there is an application which can be used to download movies as well as T.V. shows in a jiffy and being said, the quality does not suffer. Yes, you all guessed it right, it’s called Showbox and it is available n Android as well as iOS but to get it on iOS, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone.

How is it better than the torrents?

The answer is, not in the slightest way. To download a movie, the first thing we all do is keep searching for the best camera print of that movie which is very rare given that the movie is just a day old. Well, you do not have to worry when you have the Showbox application because the application has the most recent movies and the best part is that we do not have to hunt for the best quality as it comes with the best quality and all you have to do is to tap on the movie or show, and then select the quality and here we go, the download has already begun. It doesn’t require any kind of application to download the file like uTorrent as the downloading takes place inside the Showbox application only. Get ShowBox For PC and get rid of all downloading hassle.

You can not only get your favorite movies through the application but also your favorite T.V. shows. Be it as famous as Game of Thrones or others not so good, you can get it all. The best part is if you don’t want to download a movie or show, you can even stream it online which makes it the best deal as only Netflix is the one who is offering such service.

Where to get the Showbox Application?

You can’t find the application on the Google Play store as it is illegal to download movies and shows because of the copyright but you can search it and download from external sources. It is completely virus free and fun to use. Download Showbox now and get started with the winters in style with your favorite T.V. shows and movies.



Why is KIK the Biggest Competitor for Whatsapp?

Although people thought it was stupid for Facebook to buy out WhatsApp when it already had its own messaging app, Mark Zuckerberg’s view for the future of both the messaging apps is quite different. However, both WhatsApp and Messenger remain the most used applications worldwide.


Image Credit – Bloomtimes.com

But, the competitor for WhatsApp was introduced long back in 2009, called Kik. If you Google search the best alternatives for WhatsApp, you will most likely find Kik on the top of every list. Here are several reasons why Kik is the biggest competitor for WhatsApp: Acc to theguardian, KIK is the biggest alternative of whatsapp.

  1. More security

Kik doesn’t ask for your mobile number, unlike WhatsApp. It uses the traditional username facility as the user’s identity. Also, it does access the contact list automatically, unless it one wants to import contacts. This gives the users more secure identity and protects their contact privacy too.

  1. Kik Store

Kik has an integrated store in the application from where one can buy stickers, memes and games. This can be shared with your friends on Kik. Although WhatsApp also has in-app purchases, it does not have the kind of store that Kik has. This article about KIK vs All other apps sums up quite well.

  1. Quick Setup

For your Kik messenger to start working, all you have to do is quickly fill up the registration form, select a username for yourself and sign up for it. Once your profile is registered, tell the app to import your contacts and you can easily find them on Kik and start chatting. That is all it requires.

  1. Media sharing

Apart from the normal images, you can also share sketches, websites, YouTube videos and stickers on Kik. WhatsApp does not have the extra features of media sharing, but it allows you to share other things as well, such as location, contact, audio file etc.

Read more at here.

  1. Emoticons

Both Kik and WhatsApp have some really cool emoticons to make the conversation more emotive and realistic.

  1. Support

Kik and WhatsApp, both have an in-app help centre where the users can get quick answers to their queries with the help of FAQs, i.e. frequently asked questions. Moreover, both the apps have their own websites to further address the user’s problems. Both the companies can be contacted easily and help is available immediately.

  1. App permissions

The app permissions required by WhatsApp are slightly intrusive since it accesses the contact list and possible message interception too. Kik, on the other hand has access only to your Kik account, imported contacts and location.

Wrapping Up

Thus, it is not difficult to see why Kik is WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. By providing everything that WhatsApp does and maybe a little more or less, Kik is popular among the newer generations. It is quick, easy and secure to start chatting via Kik. Another fancy feature of Kik is that one can start a group chat by simply using a hashtag. It is absolutely free and cool to chat on Kik. However, WhatsApp still remains the most preferred messaging app in the world.

How to Make Professional Videos for YouTube

Being a YouTube star is a full time career these days. And it is very easy to get discouraged by the competition. YouTube is a lucrative way to share your thoughts and special moments with the world, and earn a following while doing it. Can you become internet famous doing what you do? Yes! How, you ask? Follow these steps while editing your videos.


  1. Learn some Photoshop

Photoshop is a standard tool to have for any YouTube video maker. It can help you design your thumbnail, transparency for your video, and images to put in between takes, for those who like that sort of videos. You can also use it to make your channel art. Plus it can prove useful in other day to day online stuff too, if you fancy it.

Use Photoshop to design and modify images to put in the video as inlays, to stress the comicality of the situation. Or improve on pie charts to put in your informational video to float around as you speak in the video.

Head over to this website to learn photoshop.

  1. Invest in a good video editing software

While not all of us can afford to shell out money to buy expensive software and/or upgrades, it is a very fruitful investment if made. iMovie for PC is awesome, no doubt. However it is only available on apple devices (Mac and iPad), which may not be available with everyone. Windows movie maker is free and available on most Windows PCs. Some good softwares generally recommended are Sony Vegas, CyberLink’s PowerDirector, Lightworks and Corel VideoStudio.

  1. Learn from other creators of your genre

YouTube is a community oriented site. You will usually find other people vlogging about things that are similar to the stuff you make videos about. Watch their videos. Bookmark the ones you like to revisit them, or pin them on a secret Pintrest board. Learn what catches your fancy from their videos. It could be their narration or storytelling, use of PNG images, transitions, editing music or even their take on things. Maintain your USP, but also be ready to learn anything you can.

See –Top iOS Apps for Entertainment

  1. Practice editing

It takes a lot more than doing fun things to be a successful YouTube personality. Your determination to make it big should make you keep practicing your editing skills. Add overlays, be it text, picture or video. Experiment with editing with varying speeds, separating audio and video, sound effects and any new technique you can find. Watch some videos on editing. Your craft will improve with time, provided you don’t


Samsung in 2015 – All major releases in a nutshell

Samsung is a big name in
consumer electronics. But 2014 was not the best year for this Korean Company.
Apple Inc which is greatest rival of Samsung released some awesome products in
2014. Launch of unique and updated tech products by Apple affected Samsung’s
sales a lot in year 2014.
But Korean Company is not
gonna give up. In past we have seen great products presented by Samsung.
Samsung is extremely determined to launch their best products in year 2015.
Check below some creative
and unique tech products we are gonna see in year 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6:

Well to be honest, Samsung
Galaxy series is the only competitor for Apple’s iPhone series. Galaxy S6 is
going to be next flagship of Galaxy series. Last version of Galaxy series was
received very well. It was appreciated greatly for its technicality. But people
were little disappointed with plastic design.
But now Samsung is going
to solve all the problems with Galaxy series. Galaxy S6 is going to have metallic
design as per tech rumors. Sources testified that Galaxy S6 is the best
smartphone company has ever built.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

With Galaxy note series,
Samsung already has taken larger share in phablet range. Galaxy note series is
great range of smartphone come tablets. Each flagship was received very well as
per their performance and hardware. You can say that Galaxy note series give a
clear cut picture about Samsung’s technology standard as whole.
Samsung is going to
release Galaxy note 5 in second half of year 2015. Right now specs of Galaxy
note 5 are pretty uncertain. AS per rumors, we will see improvised screen and

Quantum Dot Television:

I must say this technology
is gonna reshape the image of Samsung. Samsung introduced this new technology
at consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. We don’t know much about this
technology yet. But sources explained that with Quantum Dot technology we can
have great picture quality on TV at very affordable price. This technology is
going to change market strategy of Samsung’s TV range.

Gear S:

It would not be
exaggeration if I say Samsung is going to make smartwatch because of Apple
iwatch. As I discussed earlier, Apple and Samsung are rival in smart device
market. Apple has released its first ever digital smart watch known as iWatch.
So now Samsung is going to make its own smart watch. We can experience this
high end technology smart watch in year 2015 hopefully. 

Top iOS Apps for Entertainment in 2015

iOS devices are luckiest to have richest app platform. More
than one million apps are available app platform for iOS devices. Obviously any
user will get frustrate with so many apps. Most of the apps are not worth to
try. So which app should be downloaded? That’s the question asked by most of
the users.
Users are very choosy when it comes to entertainment. We
have listed down some best entertainment apps which you should downloaded on
your iPhone or iPad in 2015.


Crackle is free app. 
Anyone can download it from Apple store. No extra money or subscription
needed to run this app.  While related
apps like Neyflix charge a lot for watching movies and shows. So how does
Crackle cope with expenses? Ads are the answers. But there is drawback of using
Crackle. It only shows old movies and TV series.


soundCloud is online community for music lovers. Main focus
of SounCloud is music creation and sharing. With this app, professional and
amateurs musicians are sharing their music creations with millions of people
all around the globe.
It provides great facility of music streaming. Sometimes
users find the music which they can’t find anywhere else other than SoundCloud.
Music content is only one aspect of SoundCloud, at the same time you can upload
your own creation and unleash it to the unknown world. So you must install this
app on your iOS device.


TO be honest, NetFlix is the first choice when it comes to
video streaming. No other app can provide such awesome video streaming better
than NetFlix in UK. Well it charges little. But thousands of films and TV
programs in few Euros won’t hurt anybody. No one can ignore this app. It is
heavenly app for film maniacs.


Well default players in iPhone and iPad are pretty good in
quality. You can watch high quality videos on both devices. But there are some video
formats that do not run on iOS devices. Here VLC media player comes handy. I
think there is no format which can not be run on VLC. Secondly you can sync
your videos on iTunes and Dropbox. It is may be not attractive app but no other
app can beat functionality of VLC.


With few bucks subscription Spotify gives access to millions
of songs online. You can stream songs, make playlists. You can even share songs
with friends and download them for offline streaming.

Samsung galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Samsung and Apple are the
rivals in smart market. Both are trying hard to keep up with technology pace.
Their utmost goal is to provide best smart device in the market.

Recently, both companies
have launched their two best Smartphones i.e Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone6. Both Smartphones are flagships of their series. I must say that these two
phones are the smartest devices both companies have built.
Here comes the problem for
users. They get confuse between Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. Check below detailed
comparison of both phones as per specs for your guidance.
  • Design: Samsung Galaxy S6 is on bit of advantage over iPhone as per design. Last
    flagship of Galaxy series has plastic body which consumers did not like. So
    Samsung found the solution for this problem. This time Samsung is all metallic,
    as edges of body is made with aluminum, while rest of it consisted upon Gorilla
    Glass. Both Smartphones are pretty much alike in terms of placement of buttons
    and speakers etc. iPhone 6 has edge in terms of handling.
  • Display: In terms of display and screen, S6 is also winner here. S6
    has bigger screen than that of iPhone 6. Next thing comes is the resolution. S6
    has larger resolution that iPhone 6. As a result, Galaxy S6 has become perfect
    choice for watching videos and films. iPhone 6 is good but Galaxy S6 is great
    as per its display.
  • Performance: Both Smartphones have used cutting edge technology for its
    hardware. Truly I can’t decide which one is winner. Both Smartphones are
    faster, quicker and streamlines. So we got draw here.
  • Storage: Well this is confusing part. Let me tell you why. Galaxy S6 does not
    come with 16GB allotment while iPhone 6 has done opposite. If you are looking
    for entry level, then Galaxy 6 will cost less pricing only 550 Euros for 32GB
    model as compared to 540 Euros iPhone 6 for 16GB. But Galaxy S6 is the
    expensive one for top end, as 128GB S6 costs 730 Euros as compared to 128GB
    iPhone 6 costs only 680 Euros.
  • Operating System: To be honest, iOS or Android? That’s the
    question you must answer. But as per comparison, iOS is winner here because of
    simple and slick user interface along with premium app store unlike Android used
    by Galaxy S6. 


Samsung Galaxy Note Series: A Full Look Up

The success of the innovative eye-catching products and devices introduced by the Samsung Electronics is not at all hidden from all of us. Whenever we are watching an advertisement showing some new device originated specially from Samsung Electronics our eyes shine out and our brains go hungry to know the features of that new-comer device with the expectation of finding some new features.

So let’s end the waiting and here we are going to get introduced with the legendary Samsung Galaxy note series which are one of the best high-end phablets of Samsung.


– All the models come to us are shipped with a stylus pen with them.
– It incorporates a pressure-sensitive Wacom Digitizer.
– It has special features of Note-taking, Digital Scrapbooking Apps and Split-Screen Multi-Tasker.
-These models are said as “Phablets” as they are the Smartphones with the features of Tablets.




– On Dec. 2011 at IFA berlin, Samsung came into light with the first original Galaxy Note which released early in october 2011 and further introduced in Dec.
– It had sold 1 Million units in duration of 2 Months astonishing the producers and by August 2012 the number of its sales introduced to 10 Million Units.
– 5.3 inch screen (135 mm.), it was considered as a distinctive feature for a smart phone at that time as it is having the benefit of large screen.
– It received a positive welcome from the users for its stylus functionality.
– It is having a Dual-core processor having a speed of 1.4 GHz.



– On august 29, 2012 at Berlin IFA as its habit of being achieving new heights Samsung revealed a successor to the Galaxy Note by introducing Galaxy Note 2.

– It was introduced with some innovations in the Hardware of Original Galaxy Note.
– It is blessed with a Quad-Core processor with a 5.5 inch. (140 mm.) Screen
– More innovative and upgraded Stylus and Digitizer having 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.
– It allows previews of contents displayed on the screen just by the movement of the pen.
– Its Features are mostly taken from Galaxy S 3.



– On September 4th , 2013 as its previous successes Samsung introduced a more eye-catching and innovative model Galaxy Note 3.

– It has a plastic Leather backing making it more attractive.
– 5.7 inch (145 mm.) display
– 3 GB RAM storage
– 13 Mega Pixels of camera.
– 32 or 64 GB storage availability.
– More upgraded stylus pen-Functionality.



– On January 2014, in its history it was the first time that Samsung has released NOTE 3 NEO, a down-graded version of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was one of its previous innovations.

– Having a stylus pen, commonly upgraded.
– 8 Mega pixels of camera.
– 5.5″ Super Amoled HD 720p Display
– 16 GB Storage Availability
– 2 GB RAM storage



-On September 3rd, 2014 at IFA berlin a successor of Note 3 came into existence via Samsung Electronics, Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

-New innovative designs in plastic leather backing and a metal frame making it more attractive.
-5.7 inch (145mm.) QHD display
-16 mega pixels camera OIS
-more improved stylus pen
-An upgraded digitizer with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.
-Finger Print Scanner.
-Features are mostly taken from Galaxy S5.



– It introduced along with the Samsung galaxy note 4 which made the Samsung more honourable.
-A curved display of 160 pixels flowing into the right side of the phone has made it more innovative.
-some of its features are taken from the well-known GALAXY NOTE 4.
Moreover Samsung has also brought one of the best Tablet series into the sight of technology users. One of the well known tablets are GALAXY NOTE 8.0, GALAXY NOTE 10.1, GALAXY NOTE 10.1 2014 edition, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE PRO.